Testimonials from clients!


When I met Sybil, I was not looking for a health or fitness coach. I simply wanted to purchase a program from her. What I found, was a woman who was dedicated to helping others increase their quality of life. She helped me think about things in new ways and helped me create a foundation for healthier habits that would serve me for life. Sybil celebrated my successes and mourned my failures as if they were her own but always gave me the strength to move forward in a positive way. Sybil offered ideas and suggestions, but never once did I feel judgment. I felt that I had made a friend who was accompanying me on my journey rather than directing me.

With Sybil’s guidance, I was able to lose almost 50 pounds in 5 months time. I eliminated several chronic health issues, boosted my immune system, managed my stress and regained the positive self image I had somehow lost over the years; all this with only small tweaks here and there to my lifestyle. What I gained is so much more than the pounds lost. I can keep up with my teen-age son and not feel left out of activities with friends and family. Sybil gave me back my life. Working with her was a very positive, life-changing experience. I would recommend her as a health coach because her empathy, lack of judgment, kindness, and ability to see each person as an individual with unique needs is the stuff of true strength.

– Marcy G.
Atlanta, Georgia

You are an amazing coach Sybil Cooper who has even stuck by a person like me. I am moving slowing through my healing process and I know that fitness will be in my future and you will be part of that. So anyone who is even thinking about this program I would say go for it… because Sybil will be there for you and give you amazing help. – Jean


So true and I just want to send a shout out to Sybil Cooper who is a Beachbody coach but she has helped me tremendously throughout my time on Facebook and within my group. Sybil, you have the best personality in the world and are pretty much the only beach body coach who has stuck around after I didn’t use their services. Anybody looking for a beach body coach, and insanity products or shakeology please let her know!! – Stacy.


Five years ago I was stuck after losing 10 of the 30 pounds I wanted to lose. Of course I was hoping for the easy low calorie fix without other changes in my life. I knew Sybil was into something called Shakeology and Beach Body so I decided to ask for her help. Over the course of the next two years I was able to lose my weight slowly and healthfully by using her diet and exercise advice. I lost many inches and went down 4 sizes in my clothes. I’ve managed to keep the weight off and feel better than ever. I should mention that the loss occurred while I was in perimenopause, and weight loss is verrrrrryyyy slow! Love Sybil’s upbeat personality and her coaching was invaluable!

– Michelle, 57 years young

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