Sleep Challenge Day 5

Thank you for joining me for 5 Days of focusing on one of the critical pillars of health – SLEEP! Today is the final day, Day 5, of our quest for better ZZZZs.

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In my today which I posted in the Facebook group, I discussed how a woman’s changing hormones impacts sleep and that it’s a myth that we need less sleep as we age. We have more sleep disruption as we age due to changing hormones and metabolic syndrome. It’s important to address these issues as poor sleep correlates with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease later in life. That’s not to say poor sleep is causes or contributes but it goes hand in hand so why not err on the side of caution and focus on sleep habits now!

How are you doing with making your bedroom your sleep sanctuary? Is your spouse honoring your new sleep habits? It took a few years but now my family respects my bed time. Last night my thermostat was at 63.5F and although I went to bed late, I had a great night’s sleep! The night before when my room was 70F, I tossed and turned all night and woke several times.

Tomorrow, be sure to comment in the Post I will put up in the mornign about your big win for the week or something you learned or how participate this week helped you. I will put the names of those that comment in a hat and draw a lucky winner for a brand new copy of Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson.

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☑️ Take a photo of yourself getting some sunlight on your eyeballs and post it in the Facebook group! If you miss the morning, take a photo of yourself getting the setting sunlight on your eyeballs and post in the group!

☑️ If you have a wearable that tracks your sleep, take a snap shot of your data from last night and post it in the Facebook group!

☑️ Check out the post “What are your questions about sleep that you want me to answer next week?” if you think of a question you’d like me to address. Be sure to tag me so that I see it.

☑️ Fill out your Sleep Questionnaire. If you want to see if your sleep changes during our challenge, you can fill out this questionnaire every morning upon waking.

As a reminder –

Each afternoon I will post a presentation video on the importance of sleep, how sleep affects your body, what impacts your sleep, etc.

Catch me live at 8 pm EST each night where I will be answering your sleep questions. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the videos will remain for you to watch for a week after the challenge ends. I will post a Zoom link for those wanting to ask questions face to face and will also broadcast the Zoom into the FB group where you can ask questions in the comments as well.

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Sybil Cooper