Sleep Challenge Day 4

Thank you for joining me for 5 Days of focusing on one of the critical pillars of health – SLEEP! Today is Day 4 of our quest for better ZZZZs.

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In my today which I posted in the Facebook group, I discussed research showing how poor sleep negatively impacts your weight loss. Not only does it prevent burning your body fat, it actually promotes the loss of lean mass (bone and muscle) which is what you DON’T want to happen. Additionally, compared to healthy weight individuals whose cortisol levels only rose 5% after a meal, overweight individuals had a 50% increase in cortisol after a meal. This rise in cortisol contributes to insomnia which creates a vicious cycle for weight loss. Finally, I presented information that those suffering from Post-COVID syndrome suffer from insomnia due to the immune system’s exhaustion of tryptophan in fighting the infection. Tryptophan is required for serotonin production which is later converted to melatonin as night time arrives, preparing us for sleep.

If you have a wearable that tracks your sleep, take a snap shot of your data from last night and post it in the Facebook group!

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Each afternoon I will post a presentation video on the importance of sleep, how sleep affects your body, what impacts your sleep, etc.

Catch me live at 8 pm EST each night where I will be answering your sleep questions. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the videos will remain for you to watch for a week after the challenge ends. I will post a Zoom link for those wanting to ask questions face to face and will also broadcast the Zoom into the FB group where you can ask questions in the comments as well.

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Sybil Cooper