Sleep Challenge Day 3

Thank you for joining me for 5 Days of focusing on one of the critical pillars of health – SLEEP! Today is Day 3 of our quest for better ZZZZs.

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In my today which I posted in the Facebook group, I went over the four stages of sleep, what happens in each of these stages, and my own sleep patterns from my Oura Ring.

Many in the group reported having success with decluttering their nightstands, cooling the temperature in the room, and planning the next day before bed to calm the brain. Try implementing a new strategy tonight to see if it works for you. You can try journaling, sound machine, cooling your bedroom, not snacking before bed, exercising during the day, 2x breath, or shutting off electronics and reading a book.

Another relaxation technique I learned from Julie Grahm in our group is Box Breathing. This breathing technique is used by Navy Seals. Here are the instructions but I suggest checking out the and trying it with the visual as well.

  1. Inhale for 4 seconds (as the circle expands)
  2. Hold your lungs full for 4 seconds (as the circle stays fully expanded)
  3. Exhale for 4 seconds (as the circle shrinks)
  4. Hold your lungs empty for 4 seconds (as the circle is contracted)

During the Zoom/FB Q&A last night, we discussed the use of electrolytes before bed to help with that 3 am wake-up that appears to be common when you go Low Carb/Keto/Carnivore. I suggested trying 1/2 tsp salt in 2 oz of water with a few squeezes of fresh lemon juice to taste. Follow with this with water to cleanse the palate. Let us know if you try this and it works for you.

Don’t forget to –

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☑️ Fill out your Sleep Questionnaire. If you want to see if your sleep changes during our challenge, you can fill out this questionnaire every morning upon waking.

As a reminder –

Each afternoon I will post a presentation video on the importance of sleep, how sleep affects your body, what impacts your sleep, etc.

Catch me live at 8 pm EST each night where I will be answering your sleep questions. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the videos will remain for you to watch for a week after the challenge ends. I will post a Zoom link for those wanting to ask questions face to face and will also broadcast the Zoom into the FB group where you can ask questions in the comments as well.

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Sybil Cooper