Sleep Challenge Day 2

Thank you for joining me for 5 Days of focusing on one of the critical pillars of health – SLEEP! Today is Day 2 of our quest for better ZZZZs.

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In my today which I posted in the Facebook group, I spoke about how sleep patterns are controlled by circadian rhythms which in turn are controlled by exposure to sunlight.

Tuesday morning, take a photo of yourself getting some sunlight on your eyeballs and post it in the Facebook group! If you miss the morning, take a photo of yourself getting the setting sunlight on your eyeballs and post in the group!

“In our daytime state we are (or should be) alert, active, productive, and hungry, driven by key daytime hormones and neurotransmitters such as cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin. After sunset, we transition to our nighttime physiology–readiness and drive for sleep increases as the sleep hormone melatonin surges through our bodies. Except, (melatonin)… isn’t a sleep hormone, per se. It’s a darkness hormone.” – The 4 Seasons Solution, Dallas Hartwig, pg. 28.

The blue light that is dominate in early morning sunlight, suppresses melatonin leaving you alert and ready for the day! As the blue light component in sunlight declines and the red light (also a component of firelight) increases toward sunset, melatonin begins to increase, getting your body ready for slumber.

So lets focus on getting that early blue light on our eyeballs and that evening red light on our eyeballs! We got this!

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Sybil Cooper