Thank you for joining me for 5 Days of focusing on one of the critical pillars of health – SLEEP! Today is Day 1 of our quest for better ZZZZs.

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Let’s talk sleep sanctuary! Yes, sanctuary! Where you lay your head should be your sanctuary. It should be a place of calm, relaxation and peace. I find that my nightstand gets cluttered over time. Seeing that mess irritates me as I’m getting into bed!

Is there something in your sleep sancturary that doesn’t belong and irritates you? I hope it’s not your spouse! I have read that co-sleeping with a spouse is often the biggest barrier to great sleep. For some, sleeping in separate beds/rooms is becoming a thing!

We solved the co-sleeping issue by having a KING sized bed. When my husband climbs in bed, I don’t even feel the bed move. I scoffed at the price of this bed, but the priceless sleep made the price of the bed worth it. We’ll learn more in the group how poor sleep impacts your health.

What other methods are there to create your sleep sanctuary? If you have a noisy household, try a sound machine or app. My favorite sound is rain falling. Who doesn’t love to fall asleep to a gentle rain? I also love night sounds of crickets, toads and frogs chirping. I love using an app as you can set it on a timer to go off after a period of time.

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Sybil Cooper