If you’ve been following my Facebook feed or my blog, you know that Vanilla Shakeology is here! If not, you can read about it here. Darin Olien, Isabelle and Carl Daikeler refused to compromise on the benefits of drinking Shakeology differently but using a lot of chemical processing to achieve a good flavor. Then, the world’s best ingredient hunter, Darin Olien, found a pure vanilla which is potent enough to not be overpowered by all the superfoods in Shakeology ——> Vanilla Shakeology was born! (and if you’re Vegan, keep checking back as Vegan Vanilla Shakeology is due next year!).

Today I shot a quick video of my first mix with Vanilla Shakeology. At the Team Beachbody Summit, I tried it with just ice/water and it was delicious and refreshing right out of the bag! I also tried a Vanilla Latte mix and even though I don’t drink coffee, I loved it! Today, I’m using fresh, organic strawberries (1/2-1 serving of fresh strawberries), coconut beverage (1/2 cup), ice/water. If you use frozen strawberries, you don’t need to add ice, just water (about 12oz).


Check out my page to read about the ingredients in Vanilla Shakeology!

If you’d like to try a sample of Vanilla Shakeology, then fill out the form at my Shakeology sample page. Please, I pay good money for these samples so only ask for one if you’re a customer and are really interested in the product! If you’d like to sign up as customer, just click the “Free Membership” black box in the right sidebar!

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