Middle Age fitness starts with good nutrition. In fact, you need even better nutrition to get the same results compared to your 20s and 30s! But good nutrition doesn’t have to be tasteless, dull, or boring! When I did the Beachbody Ultimate Reset in September of 2012, I was introduced to many new foods which are now staples in my diet. On Sundays, I do much of my food prep for the week. Even if time is at a premium and kids opt for pizza, I can have a quick, delicious, nutritious meal which won’t derail my fitness goals. I decided to make a video about one of my favorite winter squashes, Kabocha! The Kabocha squash is Japanese for squash. It also known as Japanese pumpkin. This website has lots of good info about the Kabocha squash.

For a nice picture of a Kabocha and buttercup squash, until I can take my own photo, check out this website.

While googling for a kabocha squash recipe, I found this great website which shows a different way to cut up Kabocha squash. I will definitely try it next time and report back!

Leave me a note in the comments section if you try this new food and how you made it! You can also follow me on Google+.

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