I have gotten the question, “What do you think of Focus T25 since you’re a

P90X/Insanity/Asylum1/Asylum2 graduate?”


I am finding Focus T25 every bit as challenging. I am focusing on form and compound movements in Focus T25. I also wear my BodyBugg when I workout. During an Insanity workout, I spent about half the Max workouts in the vigorous workout zone (greater than 6calories/min burned) whereas in Focus T25, I spend nearly all of the 25min in the vigorous workout zone!!! That is what Steve Edwards means by Focus T25 is “efficient.”

Steve Edwards is the man in the know so check out his full blog entry, here,  for all the science behind Focus T25!


“You have room to improve at Insanity, P90X, et al.

Whether we think so or not, most of us (probably all of us) still have room to improve at whatever our favorite workout program or activity happens to be. A round of T25 will help this, even if it serves as an “active recovery” or “transition phase” on your calendar.

The reason is proprioception, discussed in the last post. By slowing down your movements and working on form you will re-program your brain and this will lead to both changes in hormone production and, more importantly for you at this point, an improved nervous system that will better handle the rigors of the next graduate program you do.”

Results for my Focus T25 online fitness groups have been amazing. This is the FINAL week of the Focus T25 Challenge Pack sale! For more info, check out my blog postAnd if you’re a new customer, if you order the Focus T25 challenge pack this week, your name goes into a raffle to win Rev Abs, Slim in 6 or Hip Hop Abs, brand new! Contact me below! 


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