At our Team Beachbody quarterly meetings, we learn about new products and promotions. Here is the latest news on Shaun T’s breakthrough new program, Focus T25 from Shaun T, himself. The program has been designed in three phases: alpa, beta, and gamma. There are no breaks! You are working for 25min!

The alpha phase prepares your body to really work. You focus on form and learn how to work your mucles, FocusT25alphalaying a solid foundation for the beta phase. “Every move that you do, will benefit your body in a certain way.”





In the beta phase, the name of the game is CORE: core strength, core speed, core moves. This phase will tighten and tone your body! FocusT25beta





Finally, there is the gamma phase.  This is all strength.  All the exercises are designed around your strength.FocusT25gamma  The test group results were OFF THE CHARTS!

“We have some really sick workouts in Focus T25.” – Shaun T



If you haven’t done Insanity or Asylum, can you step into Focus T25? Yes!!!! Tania, from Insanity, will be the modifier in Focus T25 so if you’re just starting, you can get a great workout! For the advanced person, all the Insaniacs out there, “this is going to be right in your comfort zone.”

fitnessatlanticphoto2croppedI attended the Fitness Atlantic live workout with Shaun T, April 13, 2013. I absolutely loved the work out. While there were some moves from Insanity, some from Asylum volumes 1 and 2, there were new moves and sequences as well changes in tempo that I suspect are from Focus T25. In an interview with Shaun T, when asked about his absolute favorite workout of all his programs, he responded, “I can’t say because it is not out yet!” Such a tease!

If you haven’t seen the video promo in my original post, here is a teaser video!


I think this will be the go to program for busy Middle Agers! Get the fitness you want in less than 30minutes each day for five days!!!! If you want to know the details of this program as they happen, click the link below to  fill out the contact form!! If you want to be one of the first to be in my challenge group, starting as soon as this is available, fill out the form below. Be in the first groups to do Shaun T’s next top workout program!


No time for good nutrition? Here’s your Shakeology! No time for exercise? Here’s T25! Need motivation and accountability? Here I am!!!!

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