I love peanut butter. I could sit with a jar of all natural peanut butter and a spoon and eat until my heart’s content….until I read that a serving is TWO Tablespoons! And what was even worse, when I used an actual tablespoon to measure it, the HORROR I felt! My regular spoon was equivalent to 2 tablespoons! I was getting twice as many calories as I thought! And if you’re like me with a slow, aging metabolism, those extra 200-300calories/day MATTER!

One day while I was on vacation and starving, I bought a package of trail mix. YUM YUM! Doesn’t get any better for a nice, filling on the go snack. I downed the tiny little bag. Then I read the label. That bag which one would assume is 1 serving, was actually 2.5 servings!

Have you ever seen a restaurant serve you ONE SERVING of pasta? One serving of rice? NO! No wonder our idea of portion sizes are so skewed.

This article gives an additional explanation as to why our portion size is skewed. In the 1900s, plates were just over 9 inches in diameter. By 1950, they had grown to 10 inches and by 2010, they had reached 12 inches in diameter! You can read the science behind it but it turns out it’s all due to an illusion and even table cloth color matters!

So what we to do? You want to lose weight and get healthy but you don’t want to be concerned with portion sizes for each individual food? There is a solution! It’s Beachbody’s latest program, the 21 Day Fix. The containers are key which will help to reshape your notion of a portion size without reading labels!

To learn more about Beachbody’s latest trainer, Autumn Calabrese, click here.

If you’re interested in what the 21 Day Fix can do for you, drop me a message using the form below!

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