If you have any doubt about Shaun T’s latest program, Focus T25, you absolutely must read Tania Baron’s blog post at Shaun T’s blog. After being nicknamed “The Machine”taniaF25
from being in the Insanity videos, Tania doubted she’d ever have that Machine body after a pregnancy and c-section. Focus T25 changed that for her in just 10weeks! YES! Just one round!

If you’re wonder what I’m talking about, read my previous blog posts about Focus T25!

One of our Beachbody slogans is Fitness – Nutrition – Support. The fitness is provided on DVDs from some of the very best celebrity trainers such as Shaun T with his latest workout, Focus T25. Support is provided by me!  I am here to help motivate and guide people with the programs. Nutrition is provided by the well thought out nutrition guides. When people join others traveling the same journey, they are more successful. If you want to join others as we travel the road to better fitness and nutrition, fill out the form below so you can get started today!

If you’re just starting your fitness/weight loss journey, Tania is the modifier in T25! She makes this workout no impact. I have had several people start out following Tania and by their second round of Focus T25, are now joining the rest of the crew more and more! This program grows with you! Even after doing Insanity, P90X, Asylum, I found T25 challenging. And I was shocked that after working out 25min/day, I could still go back to an Asylum workout or Insanity workout and perform very well! What were my changes that I loved the most? It has to be my LEGS! I finally got the definition in my thighs – slimmer, less bulky – that I had wanted! And of course, anything Shaun T does works your core! The core needs constant attention and it gets it in Focus  T25!

If you’re ready to change your life – you’re in luck – Focus T25 Challenge Pack (Focus T25 plus one month of Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day) is on sale for one more week!

Here are two clips from peeps who have done Focus T25!


FocusT25No time for good nutrition? Here’s your Shakeology! No time for exercise? Here’s T25! Need motivation and accountability? Here I am!!!!
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