I know how busy life is. It really is difficult to get that exercise time in. Some people are not morning people and sybil&shaunothers are too tired at the end of the day to workout. Some only have an hour or less during lunch time. How are we busy Middle Agers to achieve that level of fitness and health that we desire?

Shaun T, creator of Hip Hop Abs and Insanity, comes to the rescue! Read about it here and then fill out the contact field below so that YOU get notified of pertinent info as it is rolled out!!!

So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…in only 25 minutes a day—less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! FOCUS T25 is that workout.



If you want to know the details of this program as they happen, click the link below to  fill out the contact form!! If you want to be one of the first to be in my challenge group, starting as soon as this is available, fill out the form below. Be in the first groups to do Shaun T’s next top workout program!


No time for good nutrition? Here’s your Shakeology! No time for exercise? Here’s T25! Need motivation and accountability? Here I am!!!!

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I am a busy mom of three, former scientist and homeschooler, soccer mom, and also a franchise-at-home entrepreneur. Come along with me on my journey to minimize the effects of autoimmunity and continue to be the active person I've been so I can be healthy and active as an older mom.

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