Shaun T Talks Insanity!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am an Insaniac. Shaun T’s program, Insanity and it’s follow-up, Insanity the Asylum, got me in the best shape of my life! Shaun T was recently interviewed in his old neighborhood. I laughed when I read the following quote and thought, “Yeah Shaun, just wait until you’re in your 40s!”

Q: You’re a couple months shy of 35. How does your approach to staying fit change when you’re in your mid-30s as opposed to your 20s?

A: It’s a whole different situation. When I was 25, if I didn’t have a full six pack, in three or four days I could have a full six pack, 100 percent. Now it’s like I need two weeks. It’s crazy. It’s definitely different in staying fit. You really start to notice that you have to stretch more, getting up in the morning and start working out literally five minutes after I woke up. Now I’m like, “I need an hour and a half.” (laughing). … When I developed Asylum in 2010, I was definitely at my peak physical condition. I’m still obviously fit, but you definitely have to work at it a little bit more. As far as my heart health, and how much I can run and jump and my cardiovascular level, that’s pretty much the same. That’s pretty easy to maintain. It’s more the physical look of your body. As you get older, you have to work on trying to stay as ripped as you were, you try to get the same veins to pop out.

You can read the entire article here.

Sybil Cooper

Sybil Cooper



Sybil Cooper is an amazing caring woman; she has been my sunshine on my cloudy day. Her enthusiasm drive and determination inspire me…The love she has for helping people live a healthy life is evident. I can reach out to Sybil about anything and she always has an answer, if she doesn’t know she will find out. I am looking forward to trusting Sybil as my Primal Health Coach and becoming a better version of myself.

Brandy, November 2020

You are an amazing coach who has even stuck by a person like me. I am moving slowly through my healing process and I know that fitness will be in my future and you will be part of that. So anyone who is even thinking about this program I would say go for it… because Sybil will be there for you and give you amazing help.