Shaun T’s 5min Abs week!

Shaun T was kind (and cruel) to provide an extra 5minutes of abdominal exercises for us this week. I’ve embedded each video so you can come back and do these whenever the mood strikes! ENJOY!

This first video is Shaun’s tips for getting a strong core!

There wasn’t a video for Monday’s 5min abs so here’s the low down.


This week is extra ABS week! Each night I’ll give you 5 ab exercises that will be sure to burn! I had a long day yesterday so I will make the first video this evening for tomorrow-BUT FOR TODAY here are your 5/1 minute ab moves. Are you ready?

1. Hold Plank
2. 6 inch holds
3. Low plank hip pulses
4. C-sit hold
5. Walking pike ups 4/4 counts

Good luck!




Autoimmunity and fitness with Focus T25

While looking for a specific youtube video I made recently, I came across this one from October 30, 2013 filmed during Focus T25 Speed 3.0. In this video, I was struggling because I had not had anything to eat prior to working out. While I have worked out first thing in the morning for years, since developing Sjogren’s Syndrome, this has become problematic. I feel weak and nauseous during my workouts. I just realized that at some point, I started working out again on an empty stomach and was fine. I felt great, in fact. I had awesome P90X3 and 21 Day Fix workouts! I am now back to struggling and didn’t make the connection to not eating before a workout! I think this happened because I started waking up later and therefore, didn’t have time for my morning Shakeology to digest and workout before having to start school with the boys. I think when I am in an autoimmune flare, I need to have some fuel before my workout. I’m looking forward to my workouts next week to see if it makes a big difference with my current struggles.

Focus T25 Before/After Pics!

If you have any doubt about Shaun T’s latest program, Focus T25, you absolutely must read Tania Baron’s blog post at Shaun T’s blog. After being nicknamed “The Machine”taniaF25
from being in the Insanity videos, Tania doubted she’d ever have that Machine body after a pregnancy and c-section. Focus T25 changed that for her in just 10weeks! YES! Just one round!

If you’re wonder what I’m talking about, read my previous blog posts about Focus T25!

One of our Beachbody slogans is Fitness – Nutrition – Support. The fitness is provided on DVDs from some of the very best celebrity trainers such as Shaun T with his latest workout, Focus T25. Support is provided by me!  I am here to help motivate and guide people with the programs. Nutrition is provided by the well thought out nutrition guides. When people join others traveling the same journey, they are more successful. If you want to join others as we travel the road to better fitness and nutrition, fill out the form below so you can get started today!

If you’re just starting your fitness/weight loss journey, Tania is the modifier in T25! She makes this workout no impact. I have had several people start out following Tania and by their second round of Focus T25, are now joining the rest of the crew more and more! This program grows with you! Even after doing Insanity, P90X, Asylum, I found T25 challenging. And I was shocked that after working out 25min/day, I could still go back to an Asylum workout or Insanity workout and perform very well! What were my changes that I loved the most? It has to be my LEGS! I finally got the definition in my thighs – slimmer, less bulky – that I had wanted! And of course, anything Shaun T does works your core! The core needs constant attention and it gets it in Focus  T25!

If you’re ready to change your life – you’re in luck – Focus T25 Challenge Pack (Focus T25 plus one month of Shakeology, the healthiest meal of the day) is on sale for one more week!

Here are two clips from peeps who have done Focus T25!


FocusT25No time for good nutrition? Here’s your Shakeology! No time for exercise? Here’s T25! Need motivation and accountability? Here I am!!!!
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Get Fit in the Gym but Lose Weight in the Kitchen


One of our Beachbody slogans is Fitness – Nutrition – Support. The fitness is provided on DVDs from some of the very best celebrity trainers such as Shaun T, Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson and Autumn Calabrese. Support is provided by Team Beachbody coaches who help to motivate and guide people with the programs. Nutrition is provided by the well thought out nutrition guides. However, I find that the nutrition guide is often never read or lost. I did the very same thing when I started my journey with P90x over three years ago. The nutrition guide seemed overwhelming. I didn’t want to change my eating style. Now that I have multiple food sensitivities, most nutrition guides are not that useful to me, until I met the 21 Day Fix nutrition guide. Now I could eat what I am able to eat, but learn proper portions. My portion sizes were actually pretty spot on. The difference for me was increasing my protein and eating more frequently during the day. Even though I am very close to my ideal body weight, I lost 2.5lbs with the 21 Day Fix!! This included getting that curve in my waist line again! AWESOME!

What gets me so excited to share information about 21 Day Fix to all my friends? First, it’s 21 Days!!! Most people can commit to something for 21 days. It’s less than a month! 90 days, even 60 days can seem out of reach for most people.

Second, while Beachbody has come out with some awesome new programs such as P90X2, P90X3, Focus T25, Body Beast, these are quite intimidating for newbies. Yes, T25 is labeled as a beginner program and there is a modifier but Shaun T does move fast and I still found doing only the modifications quite challenging! So I was very happy that Beachbody gave us 21 Day Fix!!! While many of the moves can be found in some of our other programs, the 20sec break  between moves allows you recovery time. Autumn does a wonderful job of explaining proper form. And even though I am fit, I just love watching Kat, the modifier. She always has such a positive, happy look on her face and she brings it! With the broad range of cardio, resistance training, pilates, yoga, plyo – something new every day – there is something here for everyone to love.

Third, did I mention the workouts are just 30min? Continuing with the phenomenal success of 25 min a day with Focus T25 and 30min a day with P90X3, 21 Day Fix is also 30min. It seems people are willing to work harder for 30min and therefore get same or better results than if they had worked out for an hour! Now you can workout at home in the time it would take most to get to the gym and back!

And last, while you still have to curtail purely junk food, learn how to eat the proper portion sizes for weight loss, and then once you reach your goal, learn how to adjust it maintain your weight and fitness levels with the simple nutrition guide. I also have other tools available to help you track your portions using the 21 day Fix system!!!

Quotes from my 21 Day Fix online support group:

“I lost about 12 lbs in the 1st round. I feel lighter. I’m never hungry. I was never hungry in the past before I started the program. I just did not know how to eat right. I would just grab something that was easy to prepare to satisfy my hunger. That something was usually unhealthy. Now I know how to plan a healthy meal with the appropriate portion. I was looking at Dr. Oz the other day and he had meals planned similar to the 21 day fix but he did not go into portion size. It has made a difference to me to know how much I need to eat and what to need to eat.”

“Ok, based on my journal I just finished my First Round. I spent most of the first with a sinus infection and struggling to get into a routine. This week I am down 4 pounds and 4 inches for a total of 8 pounds and 9 inches this round. I am looking forward to starting a new round this week and feel much more comfortable with where workouts and food prep fits into my schedule. Off to pack my containers! Have a great day everyone.”

“Well, I’ve been up and down for a few weeks, then leveled off for a bit and finally broke that cycle with a nice loss. Down 3.5 pounds, 3 inches this week for a total loss of 13 pounds, 8 inches so far. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but getting past being ‘stuck’ feels pretty good. My water intake has been the biggest change, increasing to at least 75 oz daily (I try for 120). It’s so much harder to do as we get older…but I’m all in.”

“I was drinking too much almond & coconut milk, and not drinking enough of water. I was eating too many nuts & sweets (Snickers Almond Bar) cookie bars, tortilla chips, and bottled salsa. I was eating bad. With this system I eat healthier and I’m not even hungry. I don’t even think about what I’m going to eat because my hunger is satisfied 24/7. I see why they call junk food empty calories, u always looking for something else to eat. With this program u r not craving for food. Your body is satisfied.” – See more at:


If you want more info, fill out the form below!!!


I wish I had had 21 Day Fix post-baby

I am one day shy of finishing my first round of the 21 Day Fix. Even though I have done most of our other more intense programs such as P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Insanity, Asylum, the 21 Day Fix was still a great workout for me because it’s easy to take it down a few notches with the wonderful modifier, Kate, or to take it up a few notches. I was telling a pregnant


 friend of mine that I wish I had had the 21 Day Fix after I had my kids. My youngest is 7yrs old so it’s a bit late and I’m 46 so that ship has sailed for me, ha ha ha. It is so hard to find the time for yourself after having a baby but most of us can squeeze in a 30min workout that is efficient while the baby naps. Then, as you get stronger, the program grows with you!

I was quite pleased when a good friend of mine posted the same thoughts today in our 21 Day Fix online support group, which she kindly gave me permission to share. Someone in the group had asked about losing weight before vs after the baby is born – which is better.

I’ll be honest…I think it just depends on you. I was a fitness instructor, teaching 15 classes per week and probably the best weight of my life when I got pregnant. I continued to teach until I was 7.5 months (imagine that…on a spin bike, doing burpees, yelling at people to push through lol) and then my doc put me on bed rest. I’d gained only 12 pounds at that point, was ALL baby and the baby was super healthy. My doc knows me well and was concerned that I wouldn’t do ‘half work’ during classes for the remainder of my pregnancy. I took full advantage of the time off, lounged around reading, eating whatever…I craved comfort foods like homemade mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and because I’d had such a good pregnancy I didn’t really think about it. I gained 20 pounds before birthing my boy, lost a few right after of course. Lost some more while I nursed but honestly…I gained most of that back because my heart wasn’t in the workouts. I was SO into my baby and being a mom that I kept saying, ‘I’m just gonna enjoy this time…I’ll get back to it next month’. Well that month turned into 8 years and here I am, wanting to lose 50 pounds and wishing I’d made better choices back then. That said, I wouldn’t give back the bonding time I had with my boy. I do however wish I’d had an easy plan like 21 Day Fix to follow…this is a program that the busiest person can be successful with. Pregnant women can easily follow it by increasing their caloric intake as needed and reducing after. I guess my point is, losing weight is never easy. I don’t think it matters if you do it before or after, I think you have to just make the changes in your life that you know will make you feel better and go from there. Don’t think of it as a big diet, or that you are doing the program to lose pounds…get it in your mind that you are doing the program because you want your body to be at it’s best performance, you want to feel healthy! The rest will fall into place. It’s going to be work on either end and for me it was harder to get to the gym or get out for a run when all I wanted to do was look at my precious boy. I hope that’s helpful…sorry so long. lol Good luck!

I wish I had a dollar for every time I told someone, “Don’t think of it as a big diet, or that you are doing the program to lose pounds…get it in your mind that you are doing the program because you want your body to be at it’s best performance, you want to feel healthy! The rest will fall into place.” As Shaun T said, “If you can go on a diet, you can go off a diet.” You have to think about this as a lifestyle change. Sure, for a short time, you can change your eating habits to achieve a specific goal (lean out before a trip), but you have to settle on fitness and nutrition that will allow you to maintain your goal. So many have the mindset, “I want to lose 20lbs” and once they achieve that, they are done, return to old habits and gain back even more. Good nutrition and attention to fitness has to be a lifestyle change!