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Do you know what separates the less than 10% percent that finishes a Beachbody program from those that do? Accountability and support! Do you need to combat that sluggish feeling? Need to get in shape? Need some motivation and accountability? Well, I have the answer. Join my online motivation groups. Get daily accountability, get nutrition tips, weekly videos from your trainer with tips on form, nutrition, and motivation! I have ongoing groups for our Beachbody programs and an all purpose nutrition and fitness group if you’re not doing a Beachbody program!

Come on! You know you’re thinking about it! Join today so you can order your Challenge Pack! To help ensure you get the best results, I highly recommend the Challenge Pack which comes with Shakeology. That will make one meal of your day, balanced, healthy, and within your calorie goals!

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It’s our health and fitness contest that will help you achieve your fitness goals and give you a chance to WIN some serious cash. If you want to get fit, now is the time to do it. Use any Beachbody® program and share your results for a FREE T-shirt and a chance to win over $100,000!

  • Daily Prizes*: $500
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  • Quarterly Prizes: $5,000 and an expenses-paid trip
  • The Grand Prizes: $100,000!

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21 Day Fix out sells Focus T25 and P90X3 at launch?


The 21 Day Fix outsold Focus T25 and P90X3 at launch. Team Beachbody which is the coach network (ie ME) met our sales goal for the first week of the launch in EIGHT HOURS! The program is not even available through yet. What does this mean? The 21 Day Fix is now available for pre-order with shipments arriving mid-late March.

However, the 21 Day Fix challenge packs are still available with enough to last about a week. The challenge pack is an awesome deal at $140 and FREE SHIPPING because you pay just $10 for the 21 Day Fix with your purchase of one month supply of Shakeology ($130)! Why has this program resonated with so many people? I think it’s easier for folks to commit to 21 Days compared to 60days or 90 Days. I also think seeing people in the videos doing the workouts that are not already at their health and fitness goals appealed to a lot of people and made them feel like they can do it. Third, I think what most people need help with is the nutrition. One of the test group participants who lost 100lbs in 10 rounds of 21 Day Fix (less than a year) remarked that he always failed at losing weight because he wants to keep eating his food. By managing portion sizes and cutting out/back on really bad stuff like sodas, you can reach your goals. Fourth, the workouts are varied and that appeals to a lot of people. And finally, I think the program was priced very well. That made it accessible to more people.

So, if you think you’d like to get a jump start on your fitness for the summer, the time is now! Don’t be delayed and place your order quickly.

Check out my post if you want to know more about this awesome program.

I’ll be mentoring everyone through the 21 Day Fix in a private Facebook group. The first group starts 2/17! Let me know if you’re interested in that one or any of my other  groups that on going.

I am here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals so USE ME!! Tell me what you need help with.


21 Day Fix

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How Will the 21 Day Fix help you?

I love peanut butter. I could sit with a jar of all natural peanut butter and a spoon and eat until my heart’s content….until I read that a serving is TWO Tablespoons! And what was even worse, when I used an actual tablespoon to measure it, the HORROR I felt! My regular spoon was equivalent to 2 tablespoons! I was getting twice as many calories as I thought! And if you’re like me with a slow, aging metabolism, those extra 200-300calories/day MATTER!

One day while I was on vacation and starving, I bought a package of trail mix. YUM YUM! Doesn’t get any better for a nice, filling on the go snack. I downed the tiny little bag. Then I read the label. That bag which one would assume is 1 serving, was actually 2.5 servings!

Have you ever seen a restaurant serve you ONE SERVING of pasta? One serving of rice? NO! No wonder our idea of portion sizes are so skewed.

This article gives an additional explanation as to why our portion size is skewed. In the 1900s, plates were just over 9 inches in diameter. By 1950, they had grown to 10 inches and by 2010, they had reached 12 inches in diameter! You can read the science behind it but it turns out it’s all due to an illusion and even table cloth color matters!

So what we to do? You want to lose weight and get healthy but you don’t want to be concerned with portion sizes for each individual food? There is a solution! It’s Beachbody’s latest program, the 21 Day Fix. The containers are key which will help to reshape your notion of a portion size without reading labels!

To learn more about Beachbody’s latest trainer, Autumn Calabrese, click here.

If you’re interested in what the 21 Day Fix can do for you, drop me a message using the form below!

21 Day Fix

I am interested in 21 Day Fix.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

I posted recently about Beachbody’s newest program, 21 Day Fix. You may have been left wondering who is Autumn Calabrese? I think this program will be a game changer for many. It will be a great jump start to better nutrition, to a better understanding of portion control, to higher level of fitness!

If you want to be notified when this becomes available, just fill out my form and put “21 Day Fix” in the comments box.

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What can you accomplish in 21 days?


We are busy, busier than ever! Nutrition and fitness needs to be SIMPLE, so that we can get it done! No time for working out? No time for counting calories and reading labels? Problem solved! Find 30min in your day. Use these specifically portion food containers to measure your food and that’s it! Jump start your life of fitness in just 21 days!!

What is the 21 Day Fix?
21 Day Fix is THE program to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days. This is Beachbody’s first program to place equal emphasis on the nutrition and fitness component. Each workout is approximately 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week.  The unique nutrition plan uses specifically portioned food storage containers that eliminate the guesswork from portion control – no weighing, measuring, or counting calories, carbs or points. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. And you’ll lose weight.  When eaten in the right quantities, there are no foods that are off limits.

There are 7 workouts on 2 dvds which include:

  • Dirty 30 workout
  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Yoga Fix
  • 21DayFixresultscompiled2


When will the 21 Day Fix be available for purchase?
The 21 Day fix will be available for purchase on February 3, 2014 only through your Team Beachbody Coach. By ordering through your Team Beachbody Coach, you also get Plyo Fix workout FREE!

What will the price of the 21 Day Fix be at launch?
The price for this program will be $59.85 + shipping & handling. You get 7 workouts, 1 set of 7 color-coded food containers (Change My Plate Portion Control System), a nutrition g uide which includes both a Restaurant guide and vegetarian/vegan options and is not recipe-specific, and me as your coach to mentor you through the program.

Buy 21 Day Fix !!!

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A better option is the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!! You get all of the above plus one month supply of Shakeology. This simplifies one meal of your day and gives you dense, superfood nutrition! For the month of February, the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is only $140! Isn’t it time to change your eating habits?

If you’d like to read more about how the 21 Day Fix can help you, check out this blog post.

Buy 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack!!!

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And for those wanting the ultimate in PORTABILITY, there is the Ultimate Upgrade kit to go with your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack.

You’ll get 2 BONSU workouts to target your trouble spots:

Flat Abs Fix
Burn off the fat and get tight, flat abs with this 30-minute workout that helps tone your core and lose the muffin top.

Barre Legs
Tone your lower body fast with this 30-minute workout designed to sculpt and define your hips, thighs, and glutes.

Plus tools to simplify your life:

Large 21 Day Fix Container
Great for work, school, or any busy lifestyle, this large container is the perfect to-go size for everyone. Use it to mix your separate 21 Day Fix containers into one convenient, perfectly portioned meal. When eating is this easy, you’ll have no problem sticking to your plan.

Resistance Band*
Burn fat and sculpt a lean body faster with our lightweight pro-grade resistance band. This band is used in several 21 Day Fix workouts to help tone your muscles and boost your metabolism.

Plus a FREE 21 Day Fix Insulated Tote Bag
Keep all your portion-controlled foods in one simple place! Take this beautiful tote bag to work, school, or play, and you’ll never miss a healthy, delicious, perfect-sized meal. It’s insulated to help your food stay fresh for hours.

Buy 21 Day Fix Upgrade Kit!!!

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If you want to be notified when this comes available and have me as your FREE personal coach to mentor you through the program, fill out the form below stating your interest in 21 Day Fix!

21 Day Fix

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