It’s Monarch Butterfly Time!!!

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It’s June and time for the Monarch butterfly to be reaching the Northeast. If you would like to read more about the northerly migration, check out this website. If you spot a Monarch, please leave a comment below and post your state if you don’t mind. Be sure you know the difference between a Monarch butterfly and the look-a-like Viceroymonarch. This website has a good explanation of the differences. You need to get a good look at the hind wing. You can also officially report your Monarch sighting at the following link.


The New York times posted another distressing report about the plight of the Monarch butterfly.









gardenThe milkweed, pictured in the center, which I planted last year came up very quickly! They are now about 2-3feet tall. The Joe pye weed, pictured on the right, also came up and in addition, I have 3 new plants! I guess the Joe pye weed has earned it’s name! The pretty green plant between the Milkweed and Joe pye weed, I suspect, is an actual weed!!! Hard to tell the difference but I removed a huge weed from this very spot last year!



I have purchased a new milkweed this year called Hairy Balls milkweed. From Rose Franklin’s Perennials “Native to southeast Africa, Hairy Balls Milkweed grows 48″-60” high and hairyballmilkweedproduces clusters of tiny white star-shaped flowers August thru September. Balloon-like seed pods appear in September and October. Utilized by Monarch butterflies for egg-laying and used as a nectar source by many other butterfly species (and also by hummingbirds). Plant in full sun and treat as an annual. Save the seeds this fall and start them yourself next year (this milkweed is easy to grow from seed). Shipped in 3″ pots. Deer resistant.
New and sure to be a top seller! It’s also a hit with Monarchs. We found more Monarch caterpillars on our Hairy Balls Milkweed in 2012 than we did on our Tropical Milkweed (which, in previous years, was their #1 choice for egg-laying).” So if you’re worried about milkweed spreading (I didn’t have any issues w/ this, Joe pye weed is another story), then this is a good milkweed to try!

To read all my other Monarch butterfly posts, check out this link.


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