What Is A Coach?

Me? A Beachbody Coach??

With three young kids at home, most days I felt tired, I suffered from insomnia, and I never lost that last 10lbs of baby-weight. It was then that a friend suggested I try P90X as her husband loved it, and she felt it was similar to how I had trained while I was in graduate school. What an eye-opener!!! Within two weeks, I was sleeping so much better. My energy levels increased. I felt younger, stronger, more confident, and sexy! I realized that I need to focus on me as well as my family so that I could be healthy and thriving in my senior years since I would be approaching 60yrs old by the time my youngest heads off to college!

Several months after I had completed P90X and Insanity, my Team Beachbody coach convinced me try to Shakeology. I was very pleasantly surprised by my increase in energy! Well, rather, I was shocked by my decrease in energy after not drinking Shakeology for a week! It was then that I decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach to help defray the cost. Being a stay at home mom, after being financially independent for so long, I didn’t like spending what I saw as my husband’s money on me. Yes, I know I have to eat, but eating a cheap bowl of cereal that left me feeling fatigued somehow seemed better than feeding my body what it needed! DOH! I was then catapulted into actively coaching when a friend told me how I had changed her life with Shakeology. For the first time in years, she had relief from her Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I knew then that Shakeology was something more than just getting in enough calories in my day. I knew that it was the unique combination of superfoods that helped to balance my blood sugar levels, gave me energy, and helped me to recover from tough workouts. It also felt good to know that I was paying for my Beachbody products with income from my business! I have never been good at sales but I love sharing what has worked for me with others and supporting them in thriving in life rather than surviving.

I became a coach because I saw the value of my SUCCESS inspiring someone else to make a lifestyle shift as well. That was, and is so fulfilling to me. Now, not only do I get to be that encouragement and accountability to others, but I’m a part of a team of people linking arms around this nation, providing support to others just like me. And one by one we WILL End the Trend of obesity! And have made friendships (not to mention an income) along the way! It’s the best thing I’ve said yes to, and if as you’ve read this and felt that nudge and flutter of excitement inside, you’re JUST the person who should be doing this as well! Won’t you join me?


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I am a busy mom of three, a homeschooler, former scientist, soccer mom, and a mompreneur. I also struggle with thriving with autoimmune disease. This takes a keen eye to nutrition and fitness. Come along with me on my journey to minimize the effects of this disease and continue to be the active person I've been.

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