What Is A Coach?

Me? A Beachbody Coach??

The story below is from one of the most humble and at the same time successful Beachbody coaches, Traci Morrow:

I can hardly believe it myself. When I first started my first Beachbody program it was for myself. I had put on weight and my clothes were WAY too tight. My stomach bulged over the top of my once loose fitting pants and I was embarrassed, ashamed, and disgusted with myself for letting myself get there. I DECIDED to purchase the program based on the before and after photos that were clearly un-retouched (you could see the stretch marks on some of the success stories and by my calculations if you were going to retouch anything, you’d start with that). So those stretch marks sold me on the validity of the photos.

I COMMITTED to do the workouts and food plan to the letter because this company had a money back guarantee if it didn’t work, and also because I really wanted to see what my body could do/look like. My first “recruit” was my husband. He’d put on weight with me in my pregnancies (what a team player!) and I knew instinctively that I needed accountability if I was going to be successful. We also told our good friends who had tried all sorts of weight loss programs with us before, what we were doing and if it worked, encouraged them to do this with us. We’d be the guinea pigs. ☺

Needless to say, we stuck to the full 90 days and not only saw our bodies transform, but both friends and strangers alike were asking us what we did to look so good. Everyone we knew believed in the program because they watched us transform before their very eyes! I wasn’t selling anything, but my/our transformations and new, fit bodies were a walking billboard for the programs we’d completed. You can’t argue with visible results and a life transformed.

I became a coach because I saw the value of my SUCCESS inspiring someone else to make a lifestyle shift as well. That was, and is so fulfilling to me. Now, not only do I get to be that encouragement and accountability to others, but I’m a part of a team of people linking arms around this nation, providing support to others just like me. And one by one we WILL End the Trend of obesity! And have made friendships (not to mention an income) along the way! It’s the best thing I’ve said yes to, and if as you’ve read this and felt that nudge and flutter of excitement inside, you’re JUST the person who should be doing this as well! Won’t you join me?


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I am a woman of God, I am a proud mom and a wife to a home improvement contractor. My goal and passion is to help women and mothers that have lost their self esteem and confidence in the daily shuffle of their husbands and children's lives. That feel as though they have put their own well being on the back burner and their families well being above their own. I promise to help you rebuild the "you", you once knew, by offering and understanding and supportive accountability group to re-focus yourself all in your own home and on your own time. Backed by the most known "at home" fitness programs and numerous women and mothers who have had results themselves. To address the need to make women aware that they will be able to give more to the ones they love, if they can learn to give to themselves first. Since I understand how fast a day can come and go with the sacrifices we make to keep our families in good health and spirits!

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