Is Focus T25 for me?

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Is Focus T25 for me? The videos look very challenging.

I have gotten that question from several people. To help them decide if this program is right for them, I decided to do Focus T25 Total Body Circuit, probably the hardest DVD in Alpha phase, doing only the modified moves. Some of you may know Tania as “The Machine” from Shaun T’s Insanity DVDs. In Focus T25, she modifies every move to make the program no impact.  As you can see from my video, no impact does not mean, not challenging. It is a fabulous workout with the modifications. The point to remember is to go at YOUR pace. You have to own this workout. None of the Beachbody programs are meant to be mastered in one round. You will get your money’s worth. I’ve done Insanity, Asylum, Les Mills PUMP and Combat, P90X, P90X2 and focus T25 kicks my butt! Why? Because I make it my own. That is the beauty of these programs! Do it at your level. Do not let your ego get in the way by trying to keep up with team. Shaun pushes you but he can’t see you through the screen. Let his words motivate you out of your comfort zone but no further!


Do you think this workout is for you? If so, join my next challenge group. Contact me and let’s get you started on your road to health and wellness!

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